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‘’When first I walk into a darkened room, my eyes need to adjust; a short period of visual insecurity stimulates ideas; moments that much of my work relates to.’’

I have been practising printmaking since completing an MA at Chelsea School of Art in 1985. My fine art practice alludes to narrative.  I am exploring ambiguity with mystery, evidence hinting at human presence or absence.

My drawings, paintings and prints are used to rehearse my subject matter which is often windows, hallways, stairways and alleyways.

My intension is that my drawings and dry-point etchings have a physical urgency, the energies required to generate the compositions are retained, enlivening the work with an uneasy breath. I am hinting at a sense of unease. What is in the darkness? Is it friendly or threatening?


I am currently undertaking an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Exploring word with image and sequential storytelling, although a challenge, feels like a natural progression from my Fine Art practice. I am able to explore further my interests.

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